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Why Can't We (Chicago)

[Bill sings:] Where did you go? What happened to the life we had? It took an unexpected turn And even though we tried so hard We only got so far Oh, what did we learn? [Shelly sings:] Another day Another night without you here And nothing ever seems to change And I know I can't escape Because I always see your face Every time I close my eyes [Chorus:] [Bill and Shelly sing:] If the sun can rise above us Every single morning If the moon can turn the tide Of every sea People falling in and out of love Without a warning They get a second chance Then Why Can't We? [Bill, Shelly:] If there's a way To let me in your world again And put the pieces back in place If we take it one day at a time Who knows what we may find Our love never went away And we can get stronger every day! [Chorus] Aren't we tired of savin' all the same old faces And pretending that we're better off alone And maybe deep inside we both know that our place is Here all along... here all along People falling in and out of love without a warning They get a second chance, then why can't we? Let's take a second chance, and then we'll see