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Will You Still Love Me? (Chicago)

Take me as I am Put your hand in mine now and forever Darling here I stand, stand before you now Deep inside I always knew It was you, you and me Two hearts drawn together bound by destiny It was you and you for me Every road leads to your door Every step I take forever more [Chorus:] Just say you'll love me for the rest of your life I gotta lot of love and I don't want to let go Will you still love me for the rest of my life? 'Cause I can't go on No, I can't go on I can't go on If I'm on my own Take me as I am Put your heart in mine, stay with me forever 'Cause I am just a man who never understood I never had a thing to prove Till there was you You and me Then it all came clear so suddenly How close to you that I wanna be [Chorus] [Bridge:] Do you believe a love could run so stong? Do you believe a love could pass you by? There was no special one for me I was the lonely one, you see But then my heart lost all control Now you're all that I know [Chorus]