Dinah (The Swings)

E E6 E E6 Cdim E E6 E Dinah, is there anyone finer Edim Cdim B7 B7/9 B7 In the state of Carolina? B7/9 E Edim f#7 B7 If there is and you know her, show her to me. Dinah, with her Dixie eyes blazin' How I love to sit and gaze in B7/9 B7 E A7 E G#7 To the eyes of Dinah Lee. c# a+7 c#7 R: Ev'ry night, why do I shake with fright? B7 Cdim c# F#7 Gdim F#7 B7 f#7 B7 Because my Dinah might change her mind about me. Dinah, if she wander'd to China, I would hop an ocean liner B7/9 B7 E A Cdim E Just to be with Dinah Lee!