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Impossible (Clarkson Kelly)

Am G Dm C (2x) Ami G Just woke up and thought I'd try Dmi C Try to step across the line Ami G You know that I've been thinking 'bout it Dmi C for a while Yeah Ami G Starting to think it's time I leave Dmi C Does me good to know I finally feel Ami G Dmi C Feel this pain, it's real, it's possible You say Can't change the winds you say Won't matter anyway Can't reach that far Cause it's impossible Can't rise above this place Won't change enough, so I pray Breaking down the walls to the impossible Walking by myself I know This lonely road's becoming my new home but I don't stop I just keep moving on, and on Ain't no need to dry my eyes I haven't cried in quite some time Everyday I fight it, You know it's possible Ami G Dmi C Someone tell me Why it's so hard taking chances Ami G Dmi C You draw the line and think That I won't ask for more Yeah Ami G Dmi C I will stumble and I make my own mistakes Yeah Ami G Dmi but I won't worry about it anymore It's impossible