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Some Kind of Miracle (Clarkson Kelly)

Prayed for an angel To come in the night Shine some sweet light on me Found only strangers Then you came to me Just when i givin up You gave me love My world was tumblin down You turned it around, baby You're some kind of miracle Ohhhhhh, You, You, Youuuuu are You're a miracle to me Sweet revelation That look in your eyes Your touch in the night I found the sweetest salvation In your arms baby When there's no mornin sun Your tender love Came and just lifted me up Look what you've done baby You, you're some kind of miracle Ohh, you, you, you are You're a miracle to me You brought joy to my heart I found love in your arms See what you've done to me You set my soul so free You came and you gave me the love that i need Oh you, you're some kind of miracle You, you are You're a miracle A miracle to me Baby you are Ohh, a miracle to me