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You Can't Win (Clarkson Kelly)

If you go, they'll say you're following If you don't, then you're too good for them If you smile, you must be ignorant If you don't, what's your problem If you're down, so ungrateful And if you're happy, why so selfish? You can't win no, you can't win no [Chorus] The one who doesn't quite fit in Under dressed under your skin Oh a walking disaster Every time you try to fly you end up fallin' Out of line Oh you can't, you can't win no If you're thin, call it a walkin' disease If you're not, they're all screamin' obese If you're straight, why aren't you married yet? If you're gay, why aren't you waving a flag? If it's wrong, you'll never hit If it's right, you'll always miss You can't win, no you can't win no [Chorus] And you try you try so hard But I swear it on your heart And you play you play the game But you pay you pay for it You can't win no, you can't win no If you speak, you'll only piss them off If you don't, you're another robot If you stop, they'll just say you quit If you don't, you might lose your shh You can't win no, you can't win no You can't win no [Chorus] I can't win [Chorus]