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You Thought Wrong (Clarkson Kelly)

I see how you're tryin' to weasel Your way in and boy I know how You maneuver with your Your confusion You tell me that I'm your only And how bad that you want me Then why are you so shady If I'm supposed to be your lady Why should I believe anything you say And how could you shame me that way Tell me where, where'd you get the nerve To even think I'd do you could play me for [Chorus] You thought we didn't know You thought we were in the dark But boy your cover's blown 'Cause we both know now, oh no You thought you had us both At your beckon call But now who's the joke And look who's laughing now Now you're trying to use us Against one another but it won't work I see right through your game boy And I know exactly where the blame falls You, you try to deny all your actions For once in your life be a real man At least give me the proper respect of the truth I already know you did it Why should I believe anything you say And how could you treat me that way Where'd you get the nerve to even think that you You could play me boy [Chorus] Now I see right through you baby You try to tell me you want me Can't you just get it through your thick head 'Cause I have seen this game before and Now I'm showing you the door so Shut your mouth I'm night tryin' to hear your lies again Sorry you couldn't be a better man [Chorus]