So Rare (The Swings)

E7+ A(6) Cdim E9 E7-9 A6 So rare, you're like the fragrance of blossoms fair, C9 F6 E9 c7 F#7-9 Sweet as a breath of air, fresh with the morning dew. b7 E7-9 E7+ A(6) Cdim E9 E7-9 A6 Oh, you're so rare, you're like the sparkle of old champagne- C9 F6 E9 A6 D9 A6 Orchids in cellophane couldn't compare to you, to you. A6 b7-5 E7 Amaj7 A6 You are perfection, you're my idea b7-5 E7 Amaj7 A6 Of angels singin' the "Ave Maria." g# C#7 F# F#6 For you're an angel, I breathe and live you f#7 B9 b7-5 E7 With every beat of the heart that I give you. E7-9 A(6) Cdim C9 E7-9 A6 So rare, this is a heaven on earth we share, C9 F6 E9 E9+ E7+ A6 Caring the way we care, ours is a love so rare. E9 E9+ E7+ A6 E9 E9+ E7+ A6 Ours is a love so rare, ours is a love so rare.