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Little Room (Jones Norah)

A You and me and D Me and you, A E A In my little room D There's room enough for us to do A E The things we like to do. D G D Oops, I hit my elbow on the doorknob E E7 It´s right there A G D It's by the bed next to my head A E A But I don't even care There's stars up on the wall And they all glow in the dark And we can hear the children playing Outside in the park There's bars on the window And if there were a fire We'd burn up for sure But that's just fine by me 'cause We would be together ever more In this little room In the big city we're so far From the people that we knew in My big ol' blue car But if we stick together Then I know we'll be ok 'cause when it gets too cold outside This room is where we'll stay