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Count Your Last Blessings (Sum 41)

H 1. Last call for regret and defeat A To finish the bottle full of empty dreams E Punch strong head that was straight out of line G Another excuse with no alibi H Hitchin on the road of decline A With no name streets and no vital signs E I pissed away the best of me and G No one can help me! B R: Misery's best friend D Can't be a dead-end G F# A bag full of regrets and I'm coming clean B So feel it D Especially the rejects G A bad habit F# Don't forget it you better B Count your last blessings F# And fill up the wagon G Chases this fee F# B And now I'm running out of time 2. My hands are tied And nailed to the cross I'm looking for all the composure I lost I'm petulant with a bad attitude A poster-child vision of wasted youth I dodged the book and found the key I can't say the same for dignity I pissed away the best of me and No one can help me R: Misery's best friend... My own enemy I don't hear you now Perfect tragedy God bless us denial (2x) R: Misery's best friend... (2x)