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Crash (Sum 41)

C G D2 C G C G Ami F 1. Hold me now, 'cause I couldn't even if I tried C G Ami F It's over now, I guess it really is my time Ami C Ami F I don't want to go, but it's time I gotta say goodbye C G Ami F So hold me now, 'cause this will be our last time C G D2 C 2. I'm slowing down, and I don't think that I can fight I know somehow, you'll find a way to live your life Remember just to live everyday like it's your last And hold me now, 'cause I think it's time for me to pass F G Ami R: I don't wanna die, I don't know why This kind of fate was meant for me F G Ami You gotta be strong, gotta move on It's not how it was supposed to be F G What you wanna say? Ami It was never supposed to end up this way F G What do I have to do? Ami When supposed to grow old with you F G But that ain't gonna happen F G No, that ain't gonna happen 3. Hold me now, 'cause the time I've got running now No tears allowed, even though we've become without I just wanna feel your head lying on my chest So hold me now, as I take my last breath R: I don't wanna die... What you wanna say?... But that ain't gonna happen...