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She's A Good Swimmer (Straight Charlie)

I write short poems on steamy mirrors I look up the ceiling for the feeling of love I like to run in place to keep the pace with the girl in the red with an umbrella She will lay me to bed I send a message or two near the river I give words the slip with sound of the rain and the trains go by I sleep in my bed while you weep far away But hey it´s good, it´s good you´re back Can have a cold shower ´round midnight Can trudge through the snow and melt low in the bath Could get drowned in the things I´d like to give her oh, yeah But I´m not afraid ´cause she´s a good swimmer I turn off the light that has flooded the room I dive in the night eating fruit of the gloom I´m not a fool to stand near the pool of love With you I´ll swim there instead Can have a cold shower… Anytime she´s here to save me, anytime she´s in my place, everytime her two hands wave me, everytime I see her face!