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Cold Cold Ground (Waits Tom)

D Bm 1. Crest fallen sidekick in an old cafe D Bm Never slept with a dream before he had to go away D There`s bell in the tower Bm Uncle Ray bought a round G Don`t worry `bout the army A7 A7sus4 D In the cold cold ground, Bm D Bm D cold cold ground, cold cold ground, cold cold ground 2. Now don`t be a cry baby. When there`s wood in the shed. There`s bird in the chimney And a stone in my bed When the road`s washed out They pass the bottle around And wait in the arms Of the cold cold ground... 3. The`s a ribbon in the willow And a tire swing rope And a briar patch of berries Taking over the slope The cat`ll sleep in he mailbox And we`ll never go to town Till we bury every dream In the cold cold ground... 4. Gimme a Winchester rifle and a whole box of shells Blow the roof off the goat barn Let it roll down the hill The piano is a firewood Times square is a dream I find we`ll lay down together In the cold cold ground... 5. Call the cops on the Breedloves Bring a bible and a rope And a whole box of a rebel And a bar of soap Make pile of trunk tires And burn `em all down Bring a dollar with you baby In the cold cold ground... 6. Take weathervane rooster Throw rocks at his head Stop talking to the neighbors Till we all go dead Beware of my temper And the dog that I`ve found Break all the windows In the cold cold ground...