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Dirt In The Ground (Waits Tom)

Fm Db 1. What does it matter, Fm Db a dream of love or a dream of lies Eb Ab We're all gonna be the same place C7 When we die Fm Db Your spirit don't leave knowing Fm Db Your face or your name Eb And the wind through your bones Ab C7 Is all that remains Fm Db Eb Fm And we're all gonna be... (4x) (a capela)...Just dirt in the ground 2. The quill from a buzzard The blood writes the word I want to know am I the sky or the bird 'Cause hell is boiling over And heaven is full We're chained to the world And we all gotta pull And we're all gonna be... (4x) ...Just dirt in the ground 3. Now the killer was smiling With nerves made of stone He climbed the stairs And the gallows groaned And the people's hearts were pounding They were throbbing, they were red As he swung out over the crowd I heard the hangman said We're all gonna be... (4x) ...Just dirt in the ground 4. Now, Cain slew Abel He killed him with a stone The sky cracked open And the thunder groaned Along a river of flesh Can these dry bones live? Ask a king or a beggar And the answer they'll give Is we're all gonna be... (4x) ...just dirt in the ground