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Don't Go into That Barn (Waits Tom)

Don't go into that barn, yea [2x] Black cellophane sky at midnite Big blue moon with three gold rings I called Champion to the window And I pointed up above the trees That's where I heard my name in a scream Coming from the woods, out there I let my dog run off the chain I locked my door real good with a chair Don't go into that barn, yea [2x] Everett Lee broke loose again Its worse than the time before Cause he's high on potato and tulip wine Fermented in the muddy rain of course A drunken wail a drunk train Blew through the birdless trees Oh, you're alone alright Your alone alright How did I know [2x] Don't go into that barn, yea [2x] An old black tree Scratching up the sky With boney, claw like fingers A rusty black rake Digging up the turnips Of a muddy cold grey day Shiny tooth talons Coiled for grabbing a stranger Happening by And the day when home early And the sun sank down into The much of a deep dead sky Don't go into that barn, yea [2x] Bank since Saginaw Calinda was born It's been cotton, soybeans, tobacco and corn Behind the porticoed house of a Long dead farm They found the falling down timbers Of a spooky old barn Out there like a slave ship Upside down Wrecked beneath the waves of a rain When the river is low They find old bones and When they plow they always Dig up chains Don't go into that barn, yea [2x] Did you bury your fire? Yes sir Did you cover your tracks? Yes sir Did you bring your knife? Yes sir Did they see your face? No sir Did the Mom see you? No sir DId you go cross the river? Yes sir Did you fix your rake? Yes sir Did you stay down wind? Yes sir Did you hide your gun? Yes sir Did you smuggle your rum? Yes sir How did I know [3x] Don't go into that barn, yea [2x] Don't forget that I warned you Don't go into that barn, yea [3x] No shirt no coat Put me on a flat boat Dover, down to Covington Covington to Louisville Louisville to Henderson Henderson to Smithland Smithland to Memphis Down to Vicksburg to Natchez put me on a Flat boat Dover Dam To Covington, Covington to Louisville, Louisville to Henderson...