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House Where Nobody Lives (Waits Tom)

C G 1. There's a house on my block that's abandoned and cold C F Folks moved out of it a long time ago C G And they took all their things, and they never came back C F Looks like its haunted, with the windows all cracked C G And everyone calls it the house F C The house where nobody lives F R: Once it held laughter, once it held dreams C Did they throw it away, do they know what it means F Did someone's heart break, D7 G G7 Or did someone do somebody wrong 2. Well the paint was all cracked, it was peeled off the wood Papers were stacked on the porch where I stood And the weeds had grown up just as high as the door There were birds in the chimney and an old chest of drawers Looks like no-one will ever come back to The house where nobody lives R: Once it held laughter... 3. So if you find someone, someone to have, someone to hold Don't trade it for silver, don't trade it for gold `Cos I have all of life's treasures, and they're fine and they're good They remind me that houses are just made of wood What makes a house grand oh it aint the roof or the doors If there's love in a house, it's a palace for sure Without love it aint nothin' but a house A house where nobody lives Without love it aint nothin' but a house A house where nobody lives