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I Can't Wait to Get Off Work (Waits Tom)

Well I don't mind working Cause I used to be jerkin off Most of my time in the bars I been a cabbie and a stock clerk And a soda fountain jock jerk And a manic mechanic on cars It's nice work if you can get it Now who the hell said it I got money to spend on my gal But the work never stops And I'll be busting my chops Working for Joe and Sal. And I can't wait to get off work And see my baby She said she'd leave the porch lite On for me I'm disheveled I'm disdainful And I'm distracted and it's painful But this job sweeping up here is Is gainfully employing me tonight Tom do this Tom do that Tom, don't do that Count the cash, clean the oven Dump the trash oh your lovin Is a rare and a copasetic gift And I'm a moonlight watchmanic It's hard to be romantic (sweeping up over by the Cigarette machine Sweeping up over by the cigarette machine...) I can't wait to get off work And see my baby She'll be waiting up with a magazine for me Clean the bathrooms, clean um good Oh your lovin I wish you would Come down here and sweepameoffmyfeet This broom'll have to be my baby If I hurry, I just might Get off before the dawns early light.