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Jitterbug Boy (Waits Tom)

Well, I'm a jitterbug boy By the shoe-shine Resting on my laurels And my Hardys too Life of Riley on a swing shift Gears follow my drift Once upon a time I was In show-biz too I seen the Brooklyn Dodgers Playin at Ebbets Field Seen the Kentucky Derby too It's fast women, slow horses, I'm reliable sources And I'm holding up a lamp post If you want to know I seen the Wabash Cannonball, Buddy, I've done it all Beause I slept with the lions And Marilyn Monroe Had breakfast in the eye Of a hurricane Fought Rocky Marciano, Played Minnesota Fats Burned hundred-dollar bills, I eaten Mulligan stew Got drunk with Louis Armstrong What's that old song? I taught Mickey Mantle Everything that he knows And so you ask me What I'm doing here Holding up a lamp post Flippin this quarter, Trying to make up my mind And if it's heads I'll go to Tennessee, and tails I'll buy a drink If it lands on the edge I'll keep talking to you