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Little Boy Blue (Waits Tom)

Little boy blue Come blow your horn The dish ran away with the spoon Home again home again Saturday morn Never gets up before noon She used to render You legal and tender When you used to Send her your promises boy A dill or a dollar Unbutton your collar Come out and holler Out all of your noise Little boy blue Come blow your top Cut it right down to the quick Don't sit home and cry On the fourth of July Around now you're hittin' bricks So abracadabra Now she disappeared Now every thing's Canada dry So watch your behavior And rattle your cane With a bottle of bourbon Good-bye Little boy blow Lost little bo peep She fell through a hole in the nest Now ain't it peculiar That she's finally cooled your Big wheels just like all of the rest Whenever it rains The umbrella complain They're always gettin' played for a chump So mark and strike it She's history now And you're hangin' out at the pump Little boy blue She used to render