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Rain Dogs (Waits Tom)

F#m 1. Inside a broken clock Splashing the wine G With all the rain dogs F#m Taxi, we'd rather walk Huddle a doorway G C# with the rain dogs A As F#m For I am a rain dog too C# F#m Oh, how we danced and we swallowed the night C# F#m For it was all ripe for dreaming C# F#m Oh how we danced away all of the lights D C# As C# We've always been out of our minds 2. The rum pours strong and thin Beat out the dustmen with the rain dogs Aboard a shipwrecked train give my umbrella to the rain dogs for I am a rain dog too Oh, how we danced with the rose of Tralee Her long hair black as a raven Oh, how we danced and you wispered to me You'll never be going back home Inside a broken clock...