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Table Top Joe (Waits Tom)

I knew one day One, one, two, one, two, three Well my mama didn't want me On the day I was born I was born without a body I got nothing but scorn But I always loved music All I had was my hands I dreamed I'd be famous And I'd work at The Sands Singing, Tabletop Joe, Tabletop Joe Now everyone will know That I'm Tabletop Joe I had trouble with the pedals But I had a strong left hand And I could play Stravinsky On a baby grand I said, 'I'm gonna join the circus Cause that's where I belong' So I went to Coney Island I was singing this song Tabletop Joe, Tabletop Joe Now everyone knows Yeah I'm Tabletop Joe They gave me top billing In the Dreamland show I had my own orchestra Starring Tabletop Joe And the man without a body Proved everyone wrong I was rich and I was famous I was where I belonged, yeah Tabletop Joe, Tabletop Joe Now everyone knows, yeah Tabletop Joe Take it home boy