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Tango Till They're Sore (Waits Tom)

Well ya play that Tarantella All the hounds they start to roar And the boys all go to hell Then the Cubans hit the floor And they drive along the pipeline They tango till they're sore They take apart their nightmares And they leave them by the door. [Chorus:] Let me fall out the window With confetti in my hair Deal out jacks or better On a blanket by the stairs I'll tell you all my secrets But I lie about my past So send me off to bed forever more. Make sure they play my theme song I guess daisies will have to do Just get me to New Orleans And paint shadows on the pews Turn the spit on that pig Kick the drum and let me down Put my clarinet beneath your bed Till I get back in town. [Chorus] Just sure she's all in calico And the color of a doll Wave the flag on cadillac day And a skillet on the wall Cut me a switch or hold you breath Till the sun goes down Write my name on the hood Send me off to another town. [Chorus]