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Yesterday Is Here (Waits Tom)

Am E Am E 1. If you want money in your pocket and top hat on your head Am Dmaj7 E ahot meal on your table and a blanket on your bed Am C Dmaj7 Am R: Well today is grey skies tomorrow is tears F E Am you`ll have to wait till yesterday is here. 2. Well, I`m going to New York City and I`m leaving on a train and if you want to stay behind and wait till I come back again R: Well today is grey skies... Am F Am *: If you want to go where the rainbow F Am F end you`ll have to say good bye Am F Am all our dreams come true baby up F Am F E7 ahead and it`s out were your memories lie 3. Well the road is out before me and the moon is shining bright what I want you to remember as I disappear tonight R: Well today is grey skies... (2x)