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I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free (Legend John)

[John Legend] I wish I knew how, it would feel, to be free I wish I could break, all the chains, holding me And I wish I could say, all the things, that I should say Say 'em loud, say 'em clear, for the whole world to hear I wish I could share, all the love, that's in my heart Remove all the bars, that keep, us apart And I wish you could know, what it means, to be me Then you'd see, and agree, that every man, should be free I wish I could give, I'm longing to give And I wish I could live, like I'm longing to live And I wish I could do, all the things I can do Though I'm way overdue, I'd be starting to move Well I wish I could be, like a bird up in the sky How sweet it would be, if I found I could fly Well I'd soar to the sun, then I'd look down at the sea Then I'd sing cause I'd know Yes I'd, sing cause I'd know Sing cause I know I know I'm free, yeah Yeah I know I'm free... [fades out]