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Is There Life After Love? (Twain Shania)

G C Am G 1. Every road had a rainbow, and every wish had a star C Am G Every tear had a shoulder to cry on, and every night had guitars C C Em But every fool's a lonely fool, and such a fool am I C Am C D Cause every night I think of you, and every night I die G Em R: Is there life after love C Am G D Some things aren't certain, but some things I'm sure of G C G Em Like angels in heaven, and God up above C D G But is there life after love? 2. You gave me forgiveness, but you could not forget No, I should never have told you what I'll live to regret The truth lies between us, but I can't take it back It's too late for lying now, it's too late for that R: Is there life... G Em D Here I am, there you are G Am G D We're so far apart let's pretend that I've never been Em C In his hands, in his heart G Am C D Can't we just start all over again? R: Is there life...