X-Amount of Words (Blue October)

Relapse Prevent trigger intent Now drown High strung Say X amount of words You're solar, bipolar Panic disorder Seems harder and harder and harder Still you try to control it You mold, you mold Yeah you shape to mold Oh you're bold you're bold But your shape is bold You're a symptom superficial To what they call knowing you Minus the speed, Could you imagine the phobia? Your brain is faulty wiring the reason for tiring Keep treating the curse, Imagine the worst Systematic, sympathetic Quite pathetic, apologetic, paramedic Your heart is prosthetic A plate of quite peculiar On a dish of my own A tablespoon of feather tickle me to the bone Give me recipes for happy with the chemicals gone Drinking freedom from a bottle to the tune of belong I'm sick of shaking never waking from the hell I achieve I never knew you till you left me with the crying disease Another curing, reassuring way to buckle the knees So mistreated, I repeated Never blessing your sneeze Now deleted and defeated I will stand on my own Yeah your memory that punches me has broken the bone Give me recipes for sorry I'm admitting I'm wrong Still your memory that punches me has broken the bone