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La Isla Bonita (Madonna)

Dmi C Dmi Last night I dreamt of San Pedro B Dmi F C just like I´d I never gone I knew the song Dmi C Dmi A joung girl with eyes like the desert B Dmi F C It all seems like yesterday, not far away Dmi Ami Gmi F Tropical the island breeze, all of nature wild and free C Gmi C Dmi This is where I long to be, La isla bonita And when the samba played, the sun would set so high ring through my ears and sting my eyes. Your Spanish lullaby. DCDmi warm wind carried on the sea. He called to me "Te diso te amo" I prayed that the days would last, they went so fast Gmi E F Csus2 I want to be where the sun warms the sky Gmi Gmi F when it´s time for siEme for siEtch them go by Gm E F Csus2 Beatiful faces, no cares in this world Gmi E F A Dmi where a girl loves a boy and a boy loves a girl.