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Always (U2)

intro : D and Dsus4 D Here today G And gone tomorrow D G Crack the bone, get to the marrow D To be the bee G And the flower D G Before the sweetness turns to sour A Hmi D G D A What we have we?re gonna keep...Always What we?ve lost we don?t need...Always What is it that won?t let you sleep...Always Be the arrow And the target Put your head over the parapet Be uncool Yes, be awkward And don?t look in the obvious place The soul needs beautiful a soul mate Get down off your holy cloud...Always God will not deal with the proud...Always Well if you dream then dream out loud...Always Eternally yours...Always F G I want you F I want you G I want you D Touching the other side I wanted to be alone Hmi I wanted to call You say come to know yourself...Always Don?t find yourself in someone else...Always And always wear a safety belt...Always Wait for me I?m running late...Always This is the moment that we share...For always Turn each song into a prayer...Always A Hmi G Now and forever D A For always D A For always D A For always