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If God Will Send His Angels (U2)

(capo 6) Sólo kytara hraje riffy, doprovodná akordy RIFF 1 ( C Ami) E|------------------|------------------| B|--7-------7-------|-7-------7--------| G|----6---6---6---6-|---8---8---8---8--| D|------8-------8---|-----8-------8----| RIFF 2 E|----------------------------------------| B|-------------------------11-------------| G|--11--11--11--13--11-13------13--11-----| D|-------------------------------------13-| RIFF 3 E|-----------------|------------------------------| B|-----------------|------------------------------| G|----------11-----|--------11-------------11-----| D|--11--13------13-|-11--13----13--11--13------13-| Sloka 1: RIFF 1 - s Wah Wah C Ami Nobody else here baby C Ami No one here to blame C Ami No one to point the finger C Ami It?s just you and me and the rain Sloka 2: Nobody made you do it No one put words in your mouth Nobody here taking orders When love took a train heading south Předrefrén 1: G Ami It?s the blind leading the blond G Ami It?s the stuff, it?s the stuff of country songs Refrén C G Ami G If God will send his angels C G Ami G And if God will send a sign C G Ami And if God will send his angels C Ami Would everything be alright? C G Mezihra na akordy a Sloka 3: RIFF 2 - s lehkým distortion a delayem cca 0.4 sec C G Ami F God has got his phone off the hook, babe C G Ami F Would he even pick up if he could C G Ami F It?s been a while since we saw that child C G Ami Hanging ?round this neighbourhood Sloka 4: See his mother dealing in a doorway See Father Christmas with a begging bowl Jesus sister?s eyes are a blister C G C The High Street never looked so low Předrefrén 2: It?s the blind leading the blond It?s the cops collecting for the cons Bridge: F So where is the hope and where is the faith G C G Ami And the love... what?s that you say to me C G Ami Does love... light up your Christmas Tree G Emi/G Ami The next minute you?re blowing a fuse G Emi/G Ami And the cartoon network turns into the news Refrén - RIFF 2 If God will send his angels And if God will send a sign And if God will send his angels G Where do we go? Ami Where do we go? C Emi/GAmiCEmi/GAmi Mezihra: - - - - - Sloka 5: RIFF 3 - s Wah-Wah C Emi/G Ami G Jesus never let me down C Emi/G Ami G You know Jesus used to show me the score C Emi/G Ami Then they put Jesus in show business C Emi/G Ami Now it?s hard to get in the door (angel...) Předrefrén 3: It?s the stuff, it?s the stuff of country songs But I guess it was something to go on Refrén: RIFF 2 If God will send his angels I sure could use them here right now Well if God would send his angels G Ami Scat singing (viz níže) dokola na akordy - ... C Emi/GAmiCEmi/GAmi ... a fade out - - - - - ...