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Miss Sarajevo (U2)

Is there a time for keeping your distance A time to turn your eyes away Is there a time for keeping your head down For getting on with your day Is there a time for kohl and lipstick A time for cutting hair Is there a time for high street shopping To find the right dress to wear Here she comes Heads turn around Here she comes To take her crown Is there a time to run for cover A time for kiss and tell Is there a time for different colours Different names you find it hard to spell Is there a time for first communion A time for East 17 Is there a time to turn to Mecca Is there time to be a beauty queen Here she comes Beauty plays the clown Here she comes Surreal in her crown Dici che il fiume Trova la via al mare E come il fiume Giungerai a me Oltre i confini E le terre assetate Dici che come fiume Come fiume... L'amore giungera L'amore... E non so piu pregare E nell'amore non so piu sperare E quell'amore non so piu aspettare ( It's said that a river Finds the way to the sea And like the river You shall come to me Beyond the borders And the thirsty lands You say that as a river Like a river... Love shall come Love... And I'm not able to pray anymore And I cannot hope in love anymore And I cannot wait for love anymore) Is there a time for tying ribbons A time for Christmas trees Is there a time for laying tables And the night is set to freeze