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So Cruel (U2)

A A4 We crossed the line Who pushed who over? It doesn?t matter to you it matters to me We?re cut adrift But still floating I?m only hanging on A E A To watch you go love I disappeared in you You disappeared from me I gave you everything you ever wanted It wasn?t what you wanted The men who love you, you hate the most They pass through you like a ghost They look for you but your spirit is in the air nowhere A D E A Aaaaaaah, A D E A You say in love there are no rules A D E A E Sweetheart A You?re so cruel Desperation is a tender trap It gets you every time You put your lips to her lips To stop the lie Her skin is pale like God?s only dove Screams like an angel for your love Then she makes you watch her from above And you need her like a drug You say in love there are no rules Sweetheart, you?re so cruel F#mi She wears my love D Like a see-through dress A Her lips say one thing E Her movements something else C#mi Oh love, like a screaming flower A Love, dying every hour And you don?t know if it?s fear or desire Danger the drug that takes you higher? Head of heaven, fingers in the mire Her heart is racing... you can?t keep up The night is bleeding like a cut Between the horses of love and lust We are trampled underfoot You say in love there are no rules Sweetheart You?re so cruel To stay with you I?d be a fool D C#miA E oh....hahhahSweetheart A You?re so cruel.