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Staring At The Sun (U2)

Ami G Summer stretchin? on the grass F Emi Summer dresses pass Ami G In the shade of a willow tree F Emi Creeps are crawling over me Ami G Over me and over you, F Emi stuck together with God?s glue Ami G It?s gonna get stickier too F It?s gonna be a long hot summer G Let?s get under cover F G Don?t try to hard to think, don?t think at all R: C9 You?re not the only one C/B Ami7 staring at the sun D Afraid of what you?ll find F If you step back inside C9 I?m not just deaf and dumb C/B Ami7 I?m staring at the sun D I?m not the only one F Who?s happy to go blind