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Stuck in a moment (U2)

E G#mi A G#mi I?m not afraid of anything in this world H C#mi There?s nothing you can throw at me that A E I havent already heard E G#mi A G#mi I?m just trying to find a decent melody H C#mi A E A song that I can sing in my own company C#mi H I never thought you were a fool C#mi H But darling, look at you, oh C#mi H You gotta stand up straight, carry your own weight C#mi H These tears are going nowhere, baby E G#mi A G#mi You?ve got to get yourself together H C#mi You?ve got stuck in a moment A E and now you can?t get out of it E G#mi A G#mi Dont say that later will be better H C#mi A E now you?re stuck in a moment and you can?t get out of it