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Trip through your wires (U2)

G F9 C9 In the distance G F9 C9 She saw me coming round G F9, C9 I was calling out G F9, C9 I was calling out Still shaking, still in pain You put me back together again I was cold and you clothed me honey I was down and you lifted me honey Angel, angel or devil I was thirsty And you wet my lips C G You, I?m waiting for you B F/C You, you set my desire C G I trip through your wires I was broken, bent out of shape I was naked in the clothes you made My lips were dry, throat like rust You gave me shelter From the heat and the dust There?s no more water in the well No more water in the well Angel, angel or devil I was thirsty And you wet my lips You, I?m waiting for you You, you set my desire I trip through your wires Thunder, thunder on the mountain There?s a raincloud in the desert sky In the distance, she saw me coming round I was calling out, I was calling out intro 1---3----3-|---3----3-| 2---3----5-|---3----3-| 3---0----0-|---2----0-| 4----------|---3----2-| 5--------3-|----------| 6---3------|----------| verse: 1---3----3-|---3----3-| 2---3----3-|---3----3-| 3---0----0-|---2----0-| 4--------0-|---3----2-| 5----------|--------3-| 6---3----3-|----------| 1---3---3----0----3---3 2---3---3----0----3---3 1----3---------3-------------- 2----------3---------3------3- 1--------3------------3----------| 2--------------3--------------3--| 3--------------------------------| 4--------------------------------| 5---3----------------------------| 6--------------------------------| 1--------3-------------3--------- 2---------------3-------------3- 3-------------------------------- 4-------------------------------- 5-------------------------------- 6---3---------------------------- 1-------------------1---------------| 2--------1----------------1---------| 3--------------3---------------3----| 4-----------------------------------| 5---1-------------------------------| 6-----------------------------------| 1-----------------1------------| 2-----------1----------1-------| 3------3---------------------3-| 4------------------------------| 5-1----------------------------| 6------------------------------|