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Wake Up Dead Man (U2)

Ami Jesus, G Jesus help me Dmi I?m alone in this world C G And a fucked world it is too Tell me Tell me the story The one about enternity And the way it?s all gonna be? R: Ami Wake up G D Wake up dead man (x2) Jesus I?m waiting here boss I know your looking out for us But maybe your hands aren?t free Your father He made the world in seven He?s in charge of heaven Will you put a word in for me Rx2 Listen to the words they?ll tell you what to do Listen over the rhythm that?s confusing you Listen to the reed in the saxaphone Listen over the hum of the radio Listen over the sounds of blades on rotation Listen through the traffic and circulation Listen as hope and peace try to rhyme Listen over marching bands playing out their time Rx2 Jesus Were you just around the corner Did you think and try to warn her Or are you working on something new If there?s an order In all of this disorder Is it like a tape recorder Can we rewind it just once more Rx2