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Live to Tell (Madonna)

Well here is what I figured out on my own. Any corrections will be welcome really appreciated Intro: |:Dm| |F| |:| *For the Verses it will go like this: F C C Gm7 C C I have a tell to tell etc.... *until you reach the chorus line which goes like this: Gm7 F A man can tell a thousand lies Gm7 C I've learned my lesson well [Bb] F Hope I live to tell the secret C I have learn til then Dm C Bb (bass line 2nd.time: Bb Bb C C Dm It will burn inside of me. *repeat the same chords figures of the first verse on top. -Hold Dm for til this part comes: Bb C Dm Am If I ran away , I'll never had the strength to go very far. Bb C Am Bb How will they hear , the beating of my heart_______. Bb C Dm Am Will they grow cold, the secret that I hide , will I grow old. Bb C Dm How will they hear? When will they learn ? How will they know?