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I'm Gonna Crawl (Led Zeppelin)

Oh she's my baby, Let me tell you why Hey, she drives me crazy, She's the apple of my eye 'Cause she is my girl, And she can never do wrong If I dream too much at night, Somebody please bring me down Hey, I love that little lady, I got to be her fool Ain't no other like my baby, I can break the golden rule 'Cause I get down on my knees, Oh, I pray that love won't die And if I always try to please, I don't know the reason why, yeah If she would come back, Only stay with me Every little bit of my love, etc., I give to you girl I don't have to go by plane I ain't gotta go by car I don't care just where my darling is People I just don't care how far I'm gonna crawl I don't care if I got to go back home I don't care what I got to stand to her back I'm gonna crawl I'm gonna move the car, baby She give me good lovin Yes I love her, I guess I love her I'm gonna crawl.