Believe (Krawitz Lenny)

Main Riff A F e--0---0---0---0---0-0-0-|---------------------|--- a--2---3---2---0---2-0-0-|--0----1---0h1p0-----|--- g--2---2---2---2---2-0-0-|--2---------------2--|--- d--------------------0-0-|--3------------------|--- A F I am you, and you are me A F Why?s that such a mystery? E Hmiadd4 If you want it Ami G D, Emi you?ve got to believe A F Who are we? We?re who we are, A F Riding on this great big star E Hmiadd4 We?ve got to stand up Ami G D if we?re gona be free - Yeah ?: B F/A Gmi If you want it, you got it F C/E, Cmi/D# You just got to believe, C F Believe in yourself A# F/A Gmi ?Cause it?s all just a game F C/E, Cmi/D# We just want to be loved d------------------------------------ a-----------2---3---2---------------- e--0----4----------------4------0---- The son of God is in our face Offering us eternal grace If you want it, you got to believe ?Cause being free is a state of mind We?ll one day leave this all behind Just put your faith in god, and one day you?ll see, yeah! ?: The future?s in our present hands Let?s reach right in. Let?s understand If you want it, you got to believe, yeah! ?: Outro : Ami, F, G, Emi, F, Dmi, G Am F G Em F Dm G e----------------------|----------------------|-----------------|--- b-----------------3----|------------3----5----|------------3----|--- g--2-------2-4-5-----4-|-----2-4-5----------2-|--------------4--|--- d----------------------|----------------------|-----2-4-5-------|--- a----------------------|----------------------|---2-------------|--- e----------------------|----------------------|-----------------|--- Am F G e---------------------------------|------------------------------|-- b---------------------------------|------------------------------|-- g---2h4p2p0-----------14p12----12-|--14------14-16-17---17Br--16-|-- d----------------/14--------14----|-------14---------------------|-- a---------------------------------|------------------------------|-- e---------------------------------|------------------------------|-- Em F Dm G e-------------------------------|------------------------|---------- b-------------------15--15Br----|----------------15------|---------- g--------14-16-17------------14-|-------14-16-17-----16--|---------- d-------------------------------|---14-------------------|---------- a-------------------------------|------------------------|---------- e-------------------------------|------------------------|---------- e---------------------- b---------------------- g--------14--12-14-12-- d---------------------- a---------------------- e----------------------