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Love Can Move Mountains (Dion Celine)

There ain't a dream that don't have a chance To come true now It just takes a little faith baby Anything that we want to do We can do now There ain't nothing in our way baby Nothing our love couldn't rise above We can get through the night We can get to the light Long as we got our love to light the way With a little faith Just a little trust If you believe in love Love can move mountains Believe in your heart And feel, feel it in your soul And love baby love can love can move mountains Oceans deep and mountains high They can't stop us Because love is on our side baby We can reach the heavens and touch the sky Just believe it, believe in you and I baby If we got love that is strong enough We can do anything, make it through anything 'Coz through it all love will always find a way With a little faith... You believe in me I'll believe in you If we believe in each other Nothing we can't do If we got love that is strong enough Love will find a way With a little faith?