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Banks Of The Ohio (Cash Johnny)

C G 1. I asked my love to take a walk, G7 C with me, just a little way C7 F and as we walked around she told, C G C oh, when would be our wedding day. R: And only say you would be mine in no others arms entwined, down beside, where the water'sflow down by thebanks of the Ohio. 2. I held the knife, against their breasts and told her she is going to rest down beside, where the water's flow down by the banks of the Ohio. R: And only say.... 3. I drug her down by the water side and told her she was going to die and then I threw, her into drawn and I watched her eyes, she flowed it down. R: And only say.... 4. I started home, between twelve and one, I cried oh Lord, what have I done, I murdered the only girl I love, because she would not be my wife R: And only say...