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Before My Time (Cash Johnny)

G 1. I know that hearts were loving D long before I was here and I'm not the first to evr cry G in my bed or in my beer C there were songs before there was radio G Em or love that stays and love that goes Am they were writing meloncholy tunes C D and tearful words that rhyme G before my time D G before my time 2. There were songs in old dusty books of love thats always been sweet lovers in their glory who are now gone with thw wind old fashion love words spoken then keep coming back around again nothings changed except the names their love burns just like mine before my time before my time C R: And in the dim of yesterday G I can clearly see C that flesh and blood cried out to someone G D as it does in me G and there was some old song that said C I love you' til I die G before my time D G before my time 3. But what the old time masters had is what I feel for you love is love and doesn't change in a century or two if someway they had seen and knew how it would be for me and you they's wisk for love like yours and they would wish for love like mine before my time before my time