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Don't Step On Mother's Roses (Cash Johnny)

We all were called to come back to the old home on the farm Mother's passed away what a mournful day And as my daddy watched his eyes were filled with pain and hurt When someone stepped upon a rose and crush it in the dirt Don't step on mother's roses daddy cried she planted them the day she was my bride And everytime I see a rose I see her smilin' face She made my darkest days look bright round the old homeplace Don't step on mother's roses let them grow The way they did since many years ago They'll bloom for me each year and I'll have mother near Don't step on mother's roses let them grow Years have passed away and how the old homeplace has changed Daddy had to go we all miss him so Children pick the roses as they go along the way But when their petals are abused I hear my daddy say Don't step on mother's roses...