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Girl From The Canyon (Cash Johnny)

The girl from the canyon smiled a smile that brought me home As sick and bleeding as I was she took me on her own Brought me to the canyon where the sun poured down like rain Her smiling eyes and the mountain light I thought myself insane These hills have seen me runnin' till my horse could hardly stand Hidin' by day in the mountains movin' with the moon on the land I'm hoping to find my freedom in a world that wants me dead The girl from the canyon took and healed my wounds instead The girl from the canyon she don't need to know what I had done She laughed with me in the moonlight till the morning brought the sun The girl from the canyon the girl from the canyon she was the only one An outlaw is a hunted one with aprice upon his head We're all outlaws in a way that is what she said And so I left the canyon when I was strong enough to ride The girl from the canyon she was riding by my side The girl from the canyon.. She was the only one