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I Hung My Head (Cash Johnny)

C 1. Early one morning F With time to kill Am I borrowed Jebb's rifle F And sat on a hill I saw a lone rider Crossing the plain I drew a bead on him To practice my aim Dm R1: My brother's rifle G Went off in my hand A shot rang out C Across the land F The horse, he kept running Am The rider was dead C I hung my head F I hung my head 2. I set off running To wake from the dream My brother's rifle Went into the sheen I kept on running Into the south lands That's where they found me My head in my hands R2: The sheriff he asked me Why had I run And then it come to me Just what I had done And all for no reason Just one piece of lead I hung my head I hung my head 3. Here in the court house The whole town was there I see the judge High up in the chair Explain to the court room What went on in your mind And we'll ask the jury What verdict they find R3: I felt the power Of death and life I orphaned his children I widowed his wife I begged their forgiveness I wish I was dead I hung my head I hung my head I hung my head I hung my head 4. Early one morning With time to kill I see the gallows Up on a hill And out in the distance A trick of the brain I see a lone rider Crossing the plain R4: And he'd come to fetch me To see what they'd done And we'd ride together To kingdom come I prayed for god's mercy F For soon I'd be dead I hung my head I hung my head I hung my head I hung my head