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I'm Leavin' Now (Cash Johnny)

Hold on honey I'd like to say I'm bustin' out and breakin' away I'm letin' you go like a hot horse shoe I can't take another heart ache from you Think about how it's gonna be when you start back to needin' me When ya dancin' shoes have lost their shine, I'm gonna be gone and mine (chorus) I'm leavin' now, I'm leavin', now get outta my face get outta my place I'm leavin' now adeos' I'm leavin now At the time ya come when you trim the fat feed the chicken scraps to the front seat cat, Bye bye baby when the bills come due you might have to give up a jewel or two Eat ya heart out anyway it's harder to hit and it's cold as clay It's all over now ya won't have me ya shugger daddy or ya money tree (chorus) Pull up the coller on my travlin' coat Sale that misuerble pleasure boat Woundn't give a nickle for another buck I'm livin on muscle guts and luck If anybody asks where did I go Tell'em I went where the wild goose go Wouldn't even have an area code Don't have a number don't need a road (chorus) (repeat chorus)