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Lost On The Desert (Cash Johnny)

A burnin' hot sun a cryin' for water black wings circle the sky Stumblin' and fallin' somebody's callin' you're lost on the desert to die I had to give up and they took me to jail but I hid all the money I got Way out on the desert where no one could get it and I left a mark at the spot Then I got away and I ran for the desert the devil had taken control I needed water but he said I'd make it near the money is a big waterhole A burnin' hot sun... [ ac.guitar ] Just up ahead is where I left my mark or it may be to the left or the right I've been runnin' all day and they'll catch up tomorrow I've got to find it tonight Then up jumped the devil and ran away laughin' he drank all the waterholes dry He moved my mark till I'm running in circles and lost on the desert to die A burnin' hot sun... (Lost on the desert to die) lost on the desert to die (lost on the desert to die)