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Pickin' Time (Cash Johnny)

Words and music by Johnny Cash (Spoken) I got cotton in the bottom land It's up and growin' and I got a good stand My good wife and them kids of mine Gonna get new shoes, come Pickin' Time Get new shoes come Pickin' Time. Ev'ry night when I go to bed I thank the Lord that my kids are fed They live on beans eight days and nine But I get 'em fat come Pickin' Time Get 'em fat come come Pickin' Time. The corn is yellow and the beans are high The sun is hot in the summer sky The work is hard til layin' by Layin' by til Pickin' Time Layin' by til Pickin' Time. It's hard to see by the coal-oil light And I turn it off purty early at night 'Cause a jug of coal-oil costs a dime But I stay up late come Pickin' Time Stay up late come Pickin' Time. My old wagon barely gets me to town I patched the wheels and I watered 'em down Keep her in shape so she'll be fine To haul my cotton come Pickin' Time Haul my cotton come Pickin' Time. Last Sunday mornin' when they passed the hat It was still nearly empty back where I sat But the preacher smiled and said that's fine The Lord'll wait til Pickin' Time The Lord'll wait til Pickin' Time.