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Ride This Train (Part 4) (Cash Johnny)

Ride this train to Bogaloosa Louisiana see these swamps and forest Man's never set foot in a lot of it You'll find aligator mink coon possum squirrel otter and the lakes're full of fish You'll find places so virgin and fresh That you'd think the Lord just created it yesterday As a matter of fact some people say when this world was made A whole lot of it just must have looked like southern Louisiana does now In 1788 I left Halifax Nova Scotia with about two hundred other Acadians We made a long tiring journey south In our party of two hundred there was this beautiful girl That I just haven't quite been able to forget Dorraine was her name and Dorraine and I were Well we were kinda pledged to each other And then we said when we got to the promised land We'd build us a house and someday we'd have The biggest sugar-cane plantation in the country And I used to make Dorraine blush When I'd tell her we'd raise the biggest family in the country too