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Ride This Train (Part 5) (Cash Johnny)

Ride this train to Pionridge Mississippi see that levee there It's built to hold back the waters of Ol' Man River when he gets on a rampage And he gets on a rampage believe me One of these days he's gonna come right over that levee And we're gonna have to head for the hills again And you know how that levee was built Mister Not with machines it is built with elbow grease They got the men off the farms out of the houses Even out of the honky tonks on Saturday night I don't hardly know how it happened to me it happens fast I just remember I was in the Green Lantern in Natchez one Saturday night And somebody pulled a knife and somebody threw the bottle And the next thing I knew I had a chain on my leg and a shovel in my hand It seemed like the whole world come down on me They whipped us like miles and when they did feed us There was always a fight or a killin' over who's gonna get the biggest piece of meet Whereas the boss man did't care about the killin' That is less you killed a good worker then you get killed If you complain about anything he just liable to give you a chance to get away You know what I mean They take the chains off your legs and beg you to run so they can shoot you