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Ride This Train (Part 8) (Cash Johnny)

Ride this train let me show you a land of rolling hills and tall corn A land of hard working people where rewards are often very small This is Pella Iowa My mother and father brought me here in 1847 we came from Cork Ireland We had a potato famine over there and things had been pretty rough for us I remember during the potato famine in Ireland I'd trail along at father's feet And we'd try to find enough potatoes for a meal And we'd take em back in to mother and she'd cook em coats and all Well finally we gave up and somehow we made it to America Well our new neighbors here in Pella loaned father oxen And ploughs to make his first crop with And you never saw taller corn that year than it was on our place The next season why we were even lendin' out ploughs and oxen to other farms That's the way it was here in the new land Everybody helped everybody out if you got sick everybody came to visit Even the doctor wouldn't take pay if he thought you couldn't afford it But old Doc Brown was always there if you ever needed him